Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pharmacy Truth In Advertising

The one thing about this profession that I can't stand is all of the phony bullshit and political correctness. How many times have you read a pharmacy job opening that actually told you the truth and what's to be expected? Never, right?

So, when I read this recent pharmacy technician job listing on Craigslist, I couldn't help but crack up. How truthful is this?
We need a Pharmacy technician for 20 hours a week. The office will be moving to Recker and Ray in May, but for now the Pharmacy is at Alma School and Guadalupe. To do this job, you must LISTEN, the last technician just wanted to complain about everything and never let anyone else talk. This job is flexible, and requires scrubs. Bags or Purses will not be allowed in the pharmacy. You will start out as a contractor and then your hours will steadily increase as time goes by. The last technician had a lot of DRAMA, keep your drama at home. I don't want to hear about your Ex, your children or your car, its your job to be here on time at the times that we set up and you are there to work, not talk to your boyfriend/girlfriend, not text your friends, not bid on something on EBAY or shop on Amazon. If you want a job and will work, then apply, if you want a job where you can be social and goof off, look elsewhere.

Whoever wrote this ad, thank you very much for telling it like it is and partially restoring my faith that a few pharmacists actually have the balls to speak their minds.

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