Friday, August 19, 2011

Go Along To Get Along

Have you seen unethical behavior or corrupt business practices where you work but looked the other way because you were afraid of losing your job, or worse?

Have you ever had a supervisor tell you "That's the way we do it here. If you want to get along in this job, you'd better shut up and go along." I think some of us have probably experienced this bullying behavior at some point in our careers.

But, it's just that "go along to get along" attitude that's prolonging this recession and causing all of us to lose faith in our system of government.

When no one is held accountable for their crimes, and allowed to (or even encouraged to) continue their crimes without any concerns about being criminally prosecuted for their actions, where's the incentive for everyone else to do the right thing? It's a slippery-slope my friends.

And that's why the world needs is more heroes like Harry Markopolos.

[Original video link removed by source]

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  1. They call Markopolos "the most hated man on Wall Street". Therefore, he MUST be honest.

  2. And the crime and tragedy of it all is that even after Markopolos warned the SEC and provided proof on numerous occasions about Madoff's fraud, the SEC won't be held liable for their seemingly intentional negligence.

    "Investors who lost billions in Bernie Madoff’s infamous Ponzi scheme may be angry with securities regulators for failing to catch him during his decades-long crime, but a federal appeals court ruled Wednesday the investors cannot sue them."

    Source: SEC Not Liable for Missing Bernie Madoff Scheme: Court

  3. There are serious consequences when too many people "go along to get along", and nothing epitomizes that problem more than the bankruptcy of a major American city, Detroit.

    According to the NY Times, a federal judge on Thursday sentenced Kwame M. Kilpatrick, the former mayor of this beleaguered city, to 28 years in prison for widespread corruption that prosecutors say deepened the city’s financial crisis.

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