Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Invisible Pharmacist

Back in the early years of pharmacy, many members of the profession failed to recognize just where the profession was headed. Little did they realize that failing to control their excessive desires for wealth, power and fame would lead other "individual" pharmacists to essentially become invisible. In that all-consuming, competitive quest for dominance, as long as a few pharmacy leaders got what "they" wanted in the short-term, in their minds, it always justified the the long-term costs.

BUT, there was one pharmacist who was able to recognize this excessive greed and how it would affect the future of our profession. He unsuccessfully tried to devise a way to use invisibility to our collective advantage. I wonder what the profession of pharmacy would be like now had this unselfish invisible pharmacist achieved his goals?

Unfortunately, his ideas struck fear into the hearts of those who didn't understand his mission, or into those who were already profiting from the status quo. They didn't want him meddling in their affairs. Those people refused to leave him alone so he could finish working on his experiment. Without any support from so-called friends, colleagues or loved ones, this pharmacist eventually went mad, and failed in his quest to unite the profession.

But, don't take my word for it. See (or not see) for yourself. Happy Halloween!

The full film can be viewed on YouTube.


  1. Anyone notice that blooper at the end? An invisible man wouldn't leave shoe-prints, he would leave footprints.

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