Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Dark Side Of Enabling

In the wake of the tragic and preventable death of Whitney Houston, I thought I would share this video link from the article entitled "Risen from the gutter, he whispers hope to Hollywood's junkies" on CNN.

Truthfully, I can't identify with Bob Forrest, am not sure (except for his being a former addict) what makes him an authority on the subject, and don't fully agree with his opinions - but a lot of other people seem to value his opinions, and he provides a good "behind the scenes" story.

It's a celebration of the negative -- and a constant dance in Hollywood, if headlines are any indication. In the end, only the addict can control how the journey ends. But along the way, there is no shortage of enablers. And - if you ask my opinion - there would be MUCH LESS of the tragedy and heartache associated with drug, alcohol, and tobacco abuse if there was much less enabling going on.


  1. I've been reading reports that Whitney Houston had a "premonition" of her impending death.

    Hello! It's not a "premonition" when someone is about to commit suicide, it's a "cry for help".

    If any of the hundreds of family, friends, and admirers coming to her funeral would have spent as much effort listening to her cries for help instead of listening to the music of her past, then maybe they'd be celebrating her achievements today instead of mourning her loss.

  2. Good point. Just goes to show that if YOU don't intervene on behalf of someone you love, then who will?