Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brown Bag Reviews | What's In Your Bag?

I stopped by Jerry Fahrni's place today and read one his posts encouraging pharmacists to embrace their changing roles from medication dispensers to medication baby-sitters.

I think Jerry knows that, whether pharmacists like it or not, they have no control over where the future of pharmacy is headed. He knows that if they want to continue to be pharmacists, they'd better learn how to roll with the changes or perish.

I like Jerry. He's a good human being, the kind of pharmacist who thinks about others instead of just caring about himself. He knows that while changes in the practice of pharmacy probably won't affect him personally because he's (like me) on the downward side of the bell-shaped career curve, he still cares enough to provide advice to newer pharmacists so they can make better career choices.

But Jerry's supportive advice doesn't always fall on deaf ears.

There are some younger super hero pharmacists, like Andre J., one of the Green Lantern's pharmacy apprentices, who've taken it upon themselves to justify their professional worth to the non-pharmacist decision-makers and embrace MTM services with such a passion that they walk the streets providing free brown bag reviews, and educating the public on safe sex practices.

WhatsInYourBag?! - Superhero Dre from The Frei Group on Vimeo.

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