Friday, August 3, 2012

A Divided Nation

The dichotomy in this country is becoming strikingly polar. There's a lot of ignorance and hate out there, and too many people seem to be allowing others to do their thinking for them. Personally, I don't believe most of us understand the seriousness of the problem and where it could lead.


  1. I agree with you Jason. This growing division makes me wonder if America is headed towards it's own "Pussy Riot"

    [In five days of testimony, lawyers and witnesses have laid bare the stark divide that has emerged in Russian society: one deeply conservative and accepting of a state that uses vague laws and bureaucracy to control its citizens, the other liberal bordering on anarchist and beginning to fight against that state with any means it can.]

  2. Even though President Obama won the election, I don't think many people realize that it was a very slim margin, and that this nation remains deeply polar in it's feelings.

    The American public is still around 50/50 in it's opinions about what path this country should take. Personally, I don't see that being a good thing.

  3. A sad editorial about our national dichotomy from Leonard Pitts, Jr and The Miami Herald - On hate mail and the state of the Union

  4. We're not connecting the dots. You can't sustain both a long-term democracy nor a long-term economy with an increasingly divisive society. - Former U.S. labor secretary Robert Reich on Tavis Smiley