Sunday, May 12, 2013

Common Sense Condom Use

Whatever happened to leaders in America using common sense in decision-making?

Currently, the police and courts of New York can use the fact that a person is just carrying condoms to help prove that they are engaging in prostitution-related offenses, or what people in that line of work prefer to call "transactional sex" (lol)

Although I'm personally against the exploitation of desperate people for selfish reasons, with all of the major political and corporate corruption destroying our nation, I would classify prostitution as a VERY low priority enforcement level. But, I'm also a BIG proponent for practicing safe sex.

Condom use has been proven to significantly reduce the transmission of STIs, and to reduce the incidence of unwanted pregnancies. So, while I can somewhat understand New York's zeal to battle prostitution, targeting condom use is absolutely the WRONG way to help prosecutors do their job.

Our goal is to encourage "transactional sex" workers to use condoms every time they "transact".

If we prosecute prostitutes for just carrying condoms, what do you think will happen next? They'll just say "fuck it, I'm not going to use condoms anymore. The risk of being prosecuted is too great." If that happens, STIs and unwanted pregnancies will skyrocket. Is that really what we want happening?

So, while I don't advocate for this group, what they're battling for is just the use of common sense.


  1. See? There are other ways to combat prostitution without compromising the practice of safe sex? LinkedIn Wants Prostitutes To Stop Using Its Site

  2. It looks like NY came to their senses. Follow up: New York: Assembly Passes Condom Law - Senate, Governor Should Approve Bill to End Condom Use as Prostitution Evidence

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