Saturday, August 3, 2013

Are You Ready For Parenthood?

Enjoying your weekend? Parenthood is often a blessing for those who've planned and prepared for it beforehand. But, I pity the fool who's spreading his seed around indiscriminately. Be smart, unless you're ready for the ball-busting difficulties of raising tireless kids beforehand, always wear a condom.


  1. Prevention is the operative word people. Don't let your small head do the thinking for your big head. Be prepared beforehand, and not attempt to do something as stupid and reckless as this guy, after the fact. And I sure as hell hope none of the pharmacy staff were actually involved in this terrible decision.

  2. And for you men who DO let your small head do your thinking, you're in luck. With the GOP-induced Government shutdown limiting the FDA's powers, there's a new drug quickly being marketed to help your little head make better decisions - BrainCockTin.