Sunday, August 11, 2013

Superhero Pharmacy Techs

I've parodied the superhero pharmacist more than a few times on The Cynical Pharmacist, but we all know that most retail pharmacies would cease to operate if it weren't for the often unappreciated hard work of superhero pharmacy technicians, the pharmacists' sidekicks.

So, although I've worked with more than a handful of sociopathic techs who hatefully went out of their way to make my job unnecessarily harder, or to intentionally do me harm for no rational reason at all, here's a satirical shout-out to those superhero pharmacy technicians who are also being replaced by technology, but make a career in pharmacy much more enjoyable for the overburdened pharmacist.

Although you may be often underpaid, and sometimes abused too, thank you for your support!

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