Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Illusion of Politics Redux

You'll notice that, except for pointing out crime, corruption, and hypocrisy, I usually don't discuss politics, either on my blog or on my Twitter account. It's because I've truly come to believe that the political system in America is all just an illusion.

But, I wasn't always that cynical about politics.

In 2008, I had full faith in, and fully supported the election of Barack Obama because I truly thought he would do what is best for America as a whole. It was only shortly after he was elected, during a speech he gave in Mesa, AZ, when he came right out and said "Look, I'm not going after the banks" (or something to that effect), when I fully lost my faith.

It was right at that moment when I realized just how big a fool I was in not seeing that the guy I voted for was just another instrument of Wall Street and the robber barons, and that the whole political system is just a sham, a game played to make it seem like the average American has a say in how our Government operates.

So, when I listen to others adamantly spouting their rhetoric that one party is better than another, I see them as the fools I once was for still believing in a corrupt and failed system. They haven't yet come to realize that it's all an illusion designed by the ruling class to keep us fighting amongst ourselves in order to distract us from their continuing crimes.

This video best describes my beliefs in the system and how I address politics now.


  1. It's hard not to be a cynic in this corporate-ruled world my friends. Elections Are For Suckers

  2. Someone recently referred to me as a liberal, so I thought I would post this comment as a future referral source so I don't have to keep explaining myself.

    Although this post pretty much sums up my belief in politicians and the political system in America, many of my opinions can be construed as left-leaning. But, it's just common sense.

    The way I see it, what lower-class or middle-class person in their right mind would identify with, or support the efforts of, the party that "overtly" represents the interests of the 1% of the population seeking to harm them in order to line their own pockets?

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