Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Your Drugs Are My Love

Have you ever wondered why some women wouldn't give you the time of day before you became a pharmacist, but now you catch them flirting with you all of the time? What do you think happened in just a few years to make you so irresistible? Do you think that "all of a sudden" you're now attractive because of the content of your character, or is it because you've got something else they want?
U.S. Congressman, Peter King--whose district includes Seaford and Massapequa--told PIX 11 that Nassau police have noticed an upsurge in burglaries among upper-middle class teen girls, trying to get money to feed their pill addictions.
If you let your little head do the thinking for you, you're risking a lifetime of achievement for just a few minutes of pleasure. Believe me, I've personally witnessed such poor judgment on more than a few occasions, and seen pharmacists pay dearly for it. But, don't just take my word for it -

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