Friday, June 10, 2011

Human Body - A Short Film

A doctor, who, buffeted by the scheme of things, is unable to transcend the part assigned him by the absurdity of that existence. Because he does not lack conscious knowledge of his condition, but refuses to act in the face of his portentous freedom, the doctor, an archetype of the anti-existential hero, deserves his fate.

Lacking the human stuff necessary to create and structure situations, he permits himself to be manipulated by patients, employers, criminals, the pharmaceutical industry, and the insurance industry; but he becomes, by submitting, a tool within the situations they create.

Never, consciously, does he attempt through an overt act, until too late, to establish his own essence, to rise above any manipulative value he possesses for others. As doctor he is a thing, an object, a tool; as man he is nothing.

Menschenkörper from Tobias Frühmorgen on Vimeo.


  1. Court records show how a pain clinic becomes a 'pill mill'. Federal case against a Jacksonville pain clinic doctor reveals how they worked.

  2. wh*t th* h*ll is th*s??? ah: Kafka!