About Me

I've been a licensed pharmacist for over fifteen years now. Like many other pharmacists, I've worked at more than one job at a time, and in many different environments.

I've spent most of my career split between working in either hospital or retail pharmacy settings, with occasional stints working in mail-order (PBM), home infusion, and long-term care pharmacies. Like Johnny Cash would say - "I've been everywhere, man". I've seen everything and experienced it all.

And like many pharmacists who've practiced for more than a few years, I've become disillusioned with the loss of our professional freedom and control of our own destiny.

I'm sick and tired of being jerked around by the mega corporations controlling the profession, having to continually answer to some non-pharmacist supervisor with a chip on his/her shoulder, and having to endlessly justify myself and my position to others who view me as a liability instead of an asset.

I'm also disgusted with the rampant crime and corruption that seems to have become pervasive in our "get ahead at any cost", "I've got mine who cares about you", selfish and self-destructive society.

And you know what? I've lost my ability to care anymore. So, I express my cynical discontent here.

As you'll find out, I prefer to express myself through the use of video. I find that medium often offers an honest, interesting, thought-provoking, and sometimes amusing way to voice my opinions.