Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Which Car Do Pharmacists Drive To Work?

If you work in retail pharmacy, and unless someone like me tells you, only experience will teach you that it's important not to drive your best car to work. I learned the hard way.

Right after graduating pharmacy school, I was hired as a grocery-chain pharmacist. So, like most new grads do, I went out and bought a brand new car - which I drove to work. It couldn't have been just a few days at work or so when someone intentionally rammed a shopping cart into the side of my car. After all of these years I still have that car, and I think about that dent every time I drive it.

In the ensuing years since that first incident, I've had my (other) car broken into twice, had my stereo system stolen twice, had people key my car on three or four occasions, incurred numerous dings and dents, and even had food and drinks thrown at my car. I'm pretty sure that if my car could talk he'd have some real good stories to tell.

So, if you're a new pharmacist, just starting to work for the chains and ready to go out and buy that shiny brand new sports cars that you've had your eye on since your first year in school, learn from my mistakes. Buy an old used car first, just for driving to and from work.

Either that, or learn to drive like this Fry's Food & Drugs pharmacist coming into work everyday.

MINI "Demon Carts" from AnneKatherine (Kat) Friis on Vimeo.

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