Thursday, April 26, 2012

Lovely Monster

Have you noticed how hateful the workplace has become recently? Ever wonder why you often come home so angry, tired, and depressed after work that you continually lash out at your loved ones?

What do you think is causing it? Could it be that we've given in to the unreasonable demands and expectations of our corporate overlords so often that we've allowed our jobs to consume us and become part of who we are, and have unconsciously become angry about everything?

I've seen this condition affect many older, burnt out pharmacists and their relationships over the years. But in recent years, I've noticed it happening more frequently to even younger and younger pharmacy workers. Perhaps it's fear of retaliation, fear of the unknown, the herd mentality. Who really knows?

Personally, I think this terrible affliction could easily be prevented by exercising a little intestinal fortitude in the workplace. No job is worth having to endure living alone. Have the guts to say "NO!" before it starts to grow on you and ruins your life.

LOVELY MONSTER from Francesco Calabrese on Vimeo.


  1. Haha excellent. Thanks for sharing

  2. What do I think is causing it?

    Heightened Vulnerability + Lack of Control = Toxic Worry

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