Friday, April 13, 2012

Toeing The Party Line

I often wonder why I encounter young pharmacists either so eager to toe the party line or too afraid to speak their minds. Seems to me that they've either bought into the propaganda, or they've become fearful slaves to their debts. Either choice promotes conformity and loss of individual control.

Imagine only realizing right after you graduate pharmacy school that you owe one-hundred thousand dollars or more in non-extinguishable student loan debt, and that you've entered a profession with very little control over your professional destiny, and an undefined role in the healthcare system. How do you think it would affect your decision-making abilities or your behaviors?

I recently caught some new pharmacy graduates on their way to work in their chain pharmacy, PBM, insurance-industry or other corporate-controlled positions; and some young wanna-be pharmacists competing for those pharmacy school positions which just became available.

Interesting and scary stuff to think about. Greed and fear are two very powerful forces. They will make even the most-intelligent individuals behave and conform in ways they would never have imagined. To a cynic, it might seem like the current system was designed around these emotions - intentionally.


  1. And there it is, pharmacy's crisis point. That point in time when a pharmacist realizes that they have to either toe the party line or perhaps find another career.

  2. What's a matter with you? Why can't you be like the rest of us and think positive about where the profession is headed? Don't you know that thinking positive and being optimistic is all we need to head down the road and successfully change our roles?

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