Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Super List | A Short Film

The forces of evil are very powerful influences that continue to draw many to the dark side inherent within each of us. Regardless of the reasons, almost all who embrace the dark side do so because they've been faced with challenges and difficulties they felt the light side was incapable of fixing.

But, falling victim to the dark side can often be avoided by taking the time and effort to create a list of our own personal strengths, weaknesses, and even super powers beforehand.

Make a list. It will keep you aware of your abilities and allow you to be prepared to face adversity, and keep you from acting inappropriately when confronted by "other" forces emanating from the dark side.

Does anyone else see the inherent qualities and abilities this young man already possesses without having to resort to using his super powers? They're easy to miss if you're not looking.

One of them really stands out above the rest, making him a good candidate for a career in pharmacy.

THE SUPER LIST - a Super Villain Short Film from Will Gallego on Vimeo.


  1. Anybody notice that blooper at the beginning of the film? The mailbox flag was down, then up, then down again when Danny went to get the mail.

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