Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Putting The Past Behind Me

I'm tired of bitching about my career choice and I've reached a new decision point in my life. I think that I've said all that I have to say about pharmacy and will begin traveling down a different path.

So, I've decided to quit working as a pharmacist and am putting my past behind me. I'm not too sure what's on the horizon for me, but I can safely say that it won't be something in the healthcare field.

If you're wondering why I've come to this career decision, I'm pretty sure that my previous blog posts and Tweets explain it. Otherwise, this video pretty much sums up my journey as a pharmacist on the run, always in search of greener pastures that don't exist.

[Original video link removed by source]

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  1. To forget about what has happened previously and start your life once more. Synonyms and related words. To forget, or to attempt to forget. Living in the past allows old ways to remain open, and new ways to remain shut. Assuming you can never genuinely relinquish what's now done, you're not permitting yourself to have a superior present or a superior future.