Monday, December 3, 2012

60 Minutes | Hospitals: The Cost Of Admission

One of the driving forces for my early retirement from the profession was that I'd become disillusioned with the loss of our professional freedom and control of our own destiny. According to the CBS News television program, 60 Minutes, it seems like many other healthcare professionals feel the same way.

For more than a year, 60 Minutes has been looking into the admission and billing practices of Health Management Associates. It's the fourth largest for-profit hospital chain in the country with revenues of $5.8 billion last year, nearly half of that coming from Medicare and Medicaid programs.

60 Minutes talked to more than 100 current and former employees and heard a similar story over and over: that Health Management Associates relentlessly pressured its doctors to admit more and more patients -- regardless of medical need -- in order to increase revenues. Here's their report -

Source: 60 Minutes | Hospitals: The cost of admission


  1. Health Management Associates, Inc. today commented on a report regarding the company on the television program 60 Minutes.

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