Monday, January 28, 2013

Accepting Responsibility

You know.. no one is perfect. Like the bad apples analogy I posted a while back, we all have varying degrees of imperfections. That's why the corporations are building robots to replace us. But, the key is to acknowledge our imperfections and not allow them to get the best of us.

If you've been a pharmacist for a while, then you'll know that there are many good pharmacists, who for whatever reasons, fall victim to their impulses and cross over that fine line between right and wrong, ethical and unethical. And that's okay. Any rational person realizes that we can't always be perfect in our behaviors. Sometimes we're gonna slip.

But, it's also important to understand that whenever we screw up, we need to own up to our mistakes. As long as they're not done to intentionally harm someone, most everyone can empathize with our faults and mistakes if we accept responsibility for them and do our best not to let them happen again.

It's only when we deny our mistakes, cover them up, and try to fight "the man" when the shit hits the fan and the consequences become severe. So, if there's anything I'd like my readers to embrace, it would be to be honest, accept responsibility, and to recognize where the fault actually lies.


  1. I see that some young people are beginning to understand the concept of personal responsibility. I only hope that they understand it before they make a poor decision.

  2. On the off chance that you accept obligation regarding something that has happened, you concur that you were to blame for it or you caused it. Accepting duty will enable you to roll out sure improvements in your day-to-day existence. You can recognize things that you need or need to do and place them on your rundown.