Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In God We Trust

It's always after the fact. Can you imagine spending 25 years working for, and enabling, the person who committed the largest financial fraud ever perpetrated (for now), and not even being aware of it?

Premiering at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival on April 17-28, In God We Trust follows Bernard Madoff's personal secretary, Eleanor Squillari, in the days after the world discovered his dark secret.

Reframing the conversation around Madoff’s case through the story of one woman’s insatiable search for the truth, directors Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek present Squillari’s findings, and Squillari herself, in this highly personal take on the financial crisis. Here's the trailer -


  1. Wait.. did you hear it? If you listen close enough, you can faintly hear the cry of the yellow-bellied warbler, Oops I mean enabler. They tend to be more easily heard than seen.

    There it is again. Can you hear it now? - "He could never have done what he did without people like me,"..

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