Wednesday, July 3, 2013

GOP Ballroom Blitz About DOMA

You know, it's my belief that almost all politicians work on behalf of their corporate masters, and will selfishly sell out the rest of us average Americans simply to serve their own best interests.

But the GOP has really taken selling out a step further. How is it that the American people can't see how fanatically crazy these politicians have become?

If you ask me, they're some serious control freaks. It seems to me like they hate anyone who's not rich, white, male, overtly straight, and fanatically Christian, or even anyone else who disagrees with them. Where's all that hate coming from? And who in their right mind would support their efforts?

Nothing epitomizes it more than last week's Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act. Republican lawmakers, officials, pundits, and even some religious leaders are going ape-shit now that Gay people can get married just like the rest of us. Although I'm against marriage in general, I don't understand them. Homosexual love doesn't negatively affect anyone else in any way.

You'd think that the GOP would be more upset with corporations being considered "people".

But, don't just take my word about how upset they are. Listen to this band erroneously hired by the GOP to play for John Boehner (the man in the back) and Sarah Palin (the girl in the corner) at their recent ballroom fund-raiser, describe the GOP's anger while at this function.


  1. Happy Independence Day, Jason.

    Let's logically look back in recent time about at this topic and see how Gay love and marriage might lead to, as some political and religious leaders describe it, an "Apocalypse".

    First, did Gay love cause those religious Al-Qaeda fanatics to attack the United States on 09/11/2001? Did they attack us because there were too many homosexuals who loved each other? No, of course not.

    Did Gay love cause President Bush to create the illusion that IRAQ had weapons of mass destruction, then invade and destroy their country, kill thousands of innocent Iraqis, unnecessarily place thousands of Americans in harm's way, create the longest political war in American history, and put our Government in extreme debt while enriching politically-friendly corporations and the military-industrial complex? Nope, I don't see that as being a cause.

    Did Gay love cause President Bush's administration to create the Patriot Act, and allow the NSA and their politically-friendly corporations to spy and collect data on everything ordinary Americans do or say? Was waterboarding and other unconstitutional forms of torture sanctioned because of Gay love? Get real.

    Was Gay love the reason why politicians repealed the Glass-Steagall Act so that Wall Street and the Banksters could "legally" rape and ruin our economy Scot-free, and then leave ordinary taxpayers accountable for their crimes? Not very likely.

    Did Gay love lead President Obama to renege on most of his dual campaign promises, lead him to continue sanctioning our political wars, continue to enrich the 1% of Americans at the top of the economic pyramid at the expense of the other 99% of Americans, allow the people and corporations who (still) rape our economy to go criminally-unpunished, and sometimes even help them continue with their exploits? Not a chance.

    Was Gay love behind President Obama's expansion of the drone program, his continued unconstitutional surveillance of American citizens, and his administration's choice to prosecute more whistleblowers than any other President in history? I'd bet money that it wasn't.

    Was Gay love behind the SCOTUS's Citizens United decision to give corporations the same rights as natural citizens (people), thereby allowing corporations to spend untold sums of money in the American political process, and grow their legislative powers with the politicians who'll sell out to them? Hardly.

    So as you can see, these are more the types of actions that could lead to an Apocalypse, not Gay love. When you look at it logically, any type of "love" isn't very likely to cause an Apocalypse. Unbridled "greed and hate" seem more likely candidates. What do you think?

  2. Do you see what you did? Your poor attempt at political satire pissed off the GOP oligarchy. This dumbass blog post led to the republicans unprecedentedly eliminating the food stamps program from the House Farm Bill in their efforts to enrich corporate Big Ag at the expense of the poor and less fortunate. Are you happy now?

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