Wednesday, June 1, 2011

America's First Serial Killer

In the late nineteenth century Jack the Ripper roamed the foggy streets of London, spreading fear and creating a legend of horror. But at the same time, in another great city located on the other side of the Atlantic, an equally cunning killer was claiming his victims.

Sporting a stylish walrus mustache and a fashionable fedora, H. H. Holmes built a castle of horrors in upscale Englewood, Illinois, just south of Chicago. His good looks and charm were well-known, but his sterling local reputation soon succumbed to international infamy once his horrific deeds were uncovered. While he confessed to 27 murders, of which four were confirmed, his actual body count was estimated to be as high as 200 victims.

H.H. Holmes, trusted neighborhood pharmacist, became known as America's first serial killer.

Source: H.H. Holmes, The Film.


  1. Interesting that no one at the medical school questioned where Holmes was getting his skeletons.

    Ironically, this psychopath just might have continued killing people for profit forever if it weren't for the efforts of another, but honest, pharmacist.

    According to the documentary, Holmes tried to run one of his innumerable scams on one of his "colleagues". Like good pharmacists have the ability to do, the honest pharmacist realized this guy was a criminal and reported him to the police.

    That one simple step started the investigation that eventually uncovered the horrific extent of Holmes's crimes.

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