Saturday, June 18, 2011

Here Is.. The Night Shift Pharmacist

You dope fiends have really screwed the pooch with your drug seeking behaviors.

You have no idea what your constant pharmacy robberies have done to the retail pharmacist psyche, especially the night-shift pharmacists who are already live close to the edge anyway. Some of these pharmacists have vowed not to take it anymore, and are hoping for a fight.

Better seek help for your addiction problems while you can because I pity the next foolish armed criminal who tries to rob one of these guys. You'll need pain pills afterwards.


  1. They've just made it even worse -

  2. Here's an update to the pharmacy massacre CP, and a picture of the shooter.

    Manhunt underway for drug fiend

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  4. You know Lude, I'd liked to see justice served almost as much as the victims' families. But, I'm hoping they've arrested the right guy for this crime. People are righteously angry, but this guy has already been judged guilty by the police and the media. He says he didn't do it, and the main basis for his arrest is that he "looks" like the perpetrator and has visited that pharmacy in the past.

    There seems to be some unanswered questions that cause me doubt, like where are the drugs he stole? What kind of addict wouldn't have the drugs on him?

    Where are the bloody clothes/shoes? Was his pistol fired, and were there four cartridges missing? Do ballistics match the weapon?

    Why are the police so sure they have the right guy and why did they stop searching for anyone else?

    I'm really hoping they've caught the actual criminal, but I'm going to wait for some definite proof before I personally declare him guilty.

  5. A CVS Pharmacy robbery just miles from the Haven Drugs pharmacy massacre. Luckily, no one was hurt, but I'm sure the pharmacist probably has some skid marks.

    Long Island pharmacy robbed of drugs and cash

    The description of the perpetrator sure is similar to the Medford Drug shooting. Is it a copycat robber, or the same guy?

  6. Pharmacy killer speaks out to Eyewitness News

    He says he has a lot of remorse, says he doesn't cry but then again doesn't sleep much either.

    Laffer insists he did not intend to fire his pistol, that he simply panicked when he approached the pharmacist.

    Laffer also says he deserves to die for what he did.

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