Thursday, January 26, 2012

Frozen Souls | A Short Film

According to the film's director -
We wrote this short to get in touch with the audience beyond the wall of personal beliefs about war. The challenge was to find a core ethical value shared by the widest audience possible.

We found these universal value in the principle that a modern soldier goes to war to protect civilians (of all nationalities!) at his own risk, for a personal ethical choice. The fact that in modern war this principle is disregarded (civilian death as "collateral damage", no count for civilian casualties vs paranoid count for military casualties, etc.) is a dangerous attack to "common sense".

Soldier Greene's story explores the meaning of the existential mission of a soldier, slowly unveiling the ethics of warfare, often expressed on media but in fact disregarded in the field.

Dedication, courage and altruism shown by an Afghan mother struggling to save her son's life, will reveal to Greene his own deepest motivation when he chose to be a soldier, until the extreme sacrifice of death.

We wrote about an American soldier in Afghanistan because he well represent the paradox of a war projected daily in our homes, but shown in a cool and distant fashion. A war where all good values are "here" and all horrible facts are "there", breaking the ethical chain which always should connect moral values and action.

Frozen Souls from Guido Freddi on Vimeo.

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