Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Are You Being Followed?

When the dead begin to rise, and relentlessly follow the people most responsible for their deaths, a man must come to terms with the corpse of a young child who is following him. In the face of her silent accusation, he struggles to understand how he is responsible, and wonders if there has been some mistake.

Based on the story (pdf) by 2010 Hugo-winning writer Will McIntosh, Followed is a socially conscious monster movie in which zombies symbolize society's disadvantaged and oppressed. McIntosh says that zombies are a way to face the existential terror we feel at the awareness of our own mortality. "I think people love zombie fiction because it explores that terror so directly–the dead are right there, in your face, and they’re not ‘undead’ beings with supernatural powers and sexy lives, they’re corpses," he says. "Corpses scare the shit out of us."

I'd like to think that perhaps the zombies also represent our consciences, there to constantly remind us of the consequences that can result from continued poor decision-making. But, that's just me.

Followed (2011), based on the short story by Will McIntosh from James Kicklighter on Vimeo.

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