Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Border Wars | Border Cadavers

Since Mexican president Felipe Calderon started his "war on drugs" after taking office in 2006, almost 50,000 people have reportedly been killed in violence caused by the drug gangs and cartels battling for power to supply illegal drugs. I'd bet the unreported numbers are probably even higher.

Unfortunately, the demand for those illegal drugs by Americans hasn't seemed to slow one bit. So, in order to bypass Customs and Border Protection and supply our insatiable urge for illicit drug use, the cartels have begun using increasingly creative methods to reach their goals.

I think almost everyone has heard about underground drug tunnels, hidden compartments in vehicles, cartels routinely trying to bribe customs agents, and even cartels using unassuming suspects such as the elderly and children to smuggle their drugs. Heck, they've even used catapults to launch drugs over the border. But, the more difficult it gets to smuggle drugs into America, the more sinister the cartels' methods become. So, who wouldn't expect the worst?

Like - smuggling drugs inside their murdered victims' corpses being brought across the border.

Source: National Geographic | Border Wars


  1. New record: Mexican authorities found at least 49 decapitated and dismembered bodies along a highway in a northern border state Sunday morning, officials said.

    Source: 49 decapitated bodies found in Mexico

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