Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Community Pharmacists' Psyche

After dropping off a bit over the past month or so, it now seems to me that pharmacy robberies are back on the increase again. Some pharmacies have even reported being robbed twice in just one day!

And what are the corporate powers doing to protect their employees? Not too much that I've noticed. Except telling them the same thing they've been telling them for years about every other liability that's been shifted onto their backs - comply and "hope" for the best outcome.

I'm not sure just how long pharmacists can keep working without it starting to affect their psyche. I mean, who knows who's next on the list for some psycho killer coming through the door?

As a matter of fact, I recently overheard one pharmacist discussing her concerns with management in the break room. Seems like she's fed up and about to take matters into her own hands. She's so touchy now that she's having a hard time dealing with "all" customers. And who can blame her?

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