Saturday, September 15, 2012

Don't Let Your Job Defeat You

In pharmacy, it's only as you become older and more experienced when you realize that it's a serious chore dealing with the daily hatred and contempt you encounter in your job.

What makes it difficult to deal with is that this hate and contempt comes from multiple sources - customers, patients, supervisors, peers, and even your own colleagues. You get it from both ends, and it's constant, and it's inescapable. All that hate is destructive, and even worse.. it's contagious.

I cannot tell you how many angry and hateful pharmacists I've worked with throughout the years who continue to work even though they hate their job. And believe me, I've seen this unnecessary hate take it's toll on many older pharmacists approaching retirement age.

If you're a young pharmacist, ask yourself how many pharmacists have you met who were on psyche meds, BP meds, or cardiac meds while only in their forties? I've even worked with one pharmacist who dropped dead from a heart attack at work, on the exact day he was due to retire. So sad.

It seems to me that the quest for more money is the leading cause for all of these problems. Many pharmacists don't realize that they're caught up in the competition to impress each other and other people who really don't care about them. They have to have a bigger house, in a more desirable neighborhood, a more expensive car, better clothing, and a bigger bank account than their peers and colleagues. The more "stuff" they have, the more important they feel.

Believe me, the quest for more "stuff" isn't the answer.

Don't let anybody take your love away from you. Live below your means, pay off any debt as quickly as you can, save as much money as you can, invest it wisely, and become empowered to make your own decisions, and to live life on your own terms.

But, just don't take my word for it. Listen to the voice of experience.


  1. Sometimes what we own ends up owning us, or so the adage goes. Materialism remains an essential trait of capitalism, I think, but in my life now I have traded the clutter of objects for the calm of simplicity and am better off for it.

    Source: I Had Too Much Stuff, so I Gave (Almost) All of It Away

  2. Like I said, more "stuff" isn't the answer.

    [“I always detected that he was reaching for something to gratify him,” said his half-sister, Cindi Kinney, in an interview. “It was always something else, whether it was going to medical school or learning the financial industry. He was always setting goals and reaching them -- and never being satisfied.”]

    Source: Harvard Doctor Turned Morgan Stanley Felon Was Lured by Riches

  3. Just in case you still don't believe debt, especially excessive debt, will make you do things you wouldn't normally think of ever doing, let's revisit the Michael Jackson/Dr. Conrad Murray tragedy. - Conrad Murray's money woes may have led him to 'break the rules,' detective says

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