Monday, November 19, 2012

We've Passed 437 River Street

I've read a lot of other anonymous pharmacy blogs and I keep running into the same naive belief that our profession is in someway "a brotherhood", a profession in which all pharmacists are altruistically looking out for each other, and the profession as a whole. These bloggers seem to have this fairy-tale optimistic belief that the corporations who control the purse strings think that we're indispensable.

It took some continued reading and investigating over time, but I've come to believe that the people operating these blogs aren't really pharmacists. They might be techs, headhunters, corporate or registry shills trying to manipulate pharmacists to their advantage. But, they're not pharmacists. No pharmacist could be so dumb as to not see what's happening right before their eyes.

Or at least I'd prefer to think so.

If pharmacists were really intent on promoting the profession, covering each others back, and making sure we had a voice in the future of healthcare, our leaders could have put aside their enormous petty egos, refuse to accept third-party money, and gained more power by consolidating the many separate pharmacy organizations into one single representative organization. But, we just couldn't do it.

We didn't understand how pharmacists could've become serious contenders, and now it's too late.

And why is that? According to my experiences, many of our overly-ambitious pharmacy leaders have sadly sold out the young pharmacists for the short-end money, and a one-way ticket to Palookaville.

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