Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fitness Over Fifty

I worked out at the downtown YMCA (across the street from ASU) the other day, and while it's never my intention to compete with anyone else but myself, there's always that one dumbass in his early twenties that gets upset that I can lift more than him, and hatefully views me as "the competition".

Foolish jealousy is a loser's game my young friends. If you only knew that it's exactly the opposite of what you're thinking. I want you to embrace weightlifting, and be like me once you reach my age. If you can outperform me in any weightlifting category, I'm happy for you and your accomplishment.

Don't be jealous of us older guys. Reaching fifty-years of age doesn't mean a death sentence, or that I should be expected to "give up" and act (what you consider) my age. As long as anyone stays off the "juice", a little persistence in the weight room can go a long way in leading a healthy life, living longer, and looking more youthful in middle-age. If I outperform you, don't blame me, it's your fault.

Fitness Over Fifty with Steve of Club Fitness New York from Mighty Productive on Vimeo.


  1. And there are other men my age in better shape. More than 35 years after playing in a Major League Baseball farm league as a teenager, a 54-year-old knuckleballer got a second chance at his dream.

    Source: 54-year-old tries out for LA Dodgers during Spring Training.

    Here's a link to Tom Wright's YouTube video.

  2. 53 year old Mitch Seavey scored one for the AARP-eligible crowd Tuesday night by becoming the oldest champion in Iditarod history. “This is for all the gentlemen of a certain age who think it ends at 50, ’cause it doesn’t,” said Mitch.

    Seavey replaced Jeff King as the Iditarod’s oldest champion. King, who was poised early Wednesday morning to claim third place, was 50 when he won his fourth victory in 2006.

    Source: Anchorage Daily News: Mitch Seavey wins the 2013 Iditarod

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