Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do You Want To Be A RoboPharmacist?

I think that I may have mentioned a while back that I went to pharmacy school mainly to please my ex-wife, who said that she wouldn't stay married to me if I didn't become a pharmacist. As Dr. Phil might say to me. "So, how's that working out for you?"

I know that times are tough, and that you're seeking the safety of a well-paying career. But before you apply to pharmacy school, makes sure that a pharmacist is truly someone you can envision being.

Do you really want to become part of a profession where conformity rules, where many of us can only survive if we "comply" with corporate demands, and are expected to "obey" without complaint? Can you envision becoming a robopharmacist, working for one of the PBMs or one of the chains? Can you do that for 25 years?

Be true to yourself, and don't do anything because someone else pressures you into it. Just imagine what your first job interview would be like after graduating and becoming licensed if you did.

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. If they ask me, I tell prospective students to work as a tech in a pharmacy before thinking about pharmacy as a career choice.

    I try to steer them into a career in which they have some control over what they do, like medicine or engineering.or some other career choice in which they don't have to put up with corporate asshattery in order to make a living.

  2. I was just reading that Express Scripts plans to add 1,500 jobs in north St. Louis County

    According to that report, Express Scripts, a Fortune 100 company with the largest revenue of any company based in metro St. Louis, has grown fast in recent years, culminating in its $29.1 billion purchase of rival Medco last year. This expansion is a natural result of its continuing growth, Henry said.

    “We’re a $93 billion company now. We’re responsible for 100 million Americans,” he said. “That means adding people and facilities.”

  3. Just for the record.. 100 million Americans is about 1/3rd of the total population.

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